Treatment Provided

Patients are seen on an individual basis. A thorough initial assessment is required prior to treatment commencing.

Hand Therapy Treatment Modalities:

  • Splinting (dynamic, static and soft)
  • Oedema management
  • Wound/scar management
  • Pressure garments
  • Range of motion exercises
  • Strengthening exercises
  • Activity treatment and modification
  • Desensitisation of scars
  • Ergonomic modification and advice
  • Joint protection advice
  • Guidance in the use of assistive devices and technologies
  • Thermal treatments
  • Pain treatments

Home exercise programs are utilized and full patient co-operation and compliance is essential. A big emphasis is placed on patient education to enable patients to take control of their recovery and do the necessary treatment on a daily basis as required.

Treatment goals are patient-led according to work or day-to-day functional requirements.